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When success is the option,
help is here.

Success is not a secret, it's a strategy.  
Excellence, impact and longevity for business and life. 

Izakar is the help you need to succeed.

Making an impact as a small business, social enterprise or sole proprietorship means making the right decisions and using your resources wisely.  We start our relationship by  listening so we have clarity on your goals and results desired.  Subsequently, we take an intellectually honest look the current situation and present solutions to attain impact quickly.

We understand that entrepreneurs, closely held organizations and enterprises are usually at capacity or have tapped their resources.  Therefore, Izakar has crafted programs to meet your budget and bring expectations to life.  When you need help the most, we figure out how to bring value to the vision and mission. We can show you, work with you or do it for you!


Personal growth and development.

Effective leaders train and maintain strong teams that produce strong leaders.  Investment in personal and skills development is a key to success in life and business. 

Operational Excellence

Strategic use of people and processes. 

Doing the right tasks with the right processes at the right time to implement growth.  Equipping teams to create long-term value for an organization from relationships.

Marketing & Sales 

Brand strategies for revenue and results.

 Ogranizations succeed with quality, authentic, branded communications and campaigns on platforms that can reach the neighborhood or the span  the globe.

Raise Money

Creative capital strategies. 

Today, capital raising options with creative means opens doors outside of tradtiona methods. New or creative capital strategies may be available for your project. 

You are not alone.

 Leaders and change agents globally face many of the same issues. 

A 2016 study by a top consulting firm asked business leaders to identify top issues.  Specifically, what keeps you, the leader, entrepreneur, change agent up at night?

The answers given may sound familiar:

  • Finding a ready, capable workforce
  • Team building and employee engagement
  • Doing more with less
  • Constant economic uncertainty
  • Technology
  • Gaining marketshare

 The fact that sleepless nights happen to leaders is not the problem.  The problem is when you don't know what to do about the issue.  These issues compounded because leaders are expected to have a path forward...you need to quickly know of available solutions.  Izakar understands you need help when you need it.  We provide advisory, trainings and project management to help you sleep at night.  

Knowing most issues have a human touch at some point gives us a starting point.  Human touch can be finding the right people, getting to the person who is the decision maker, persuading a loan committee, having a brand that people respect and relate to, understanding trends of various demographics of people.  The people factor, or human capital can be quantified and qualified, identified and leveraged for increased productivity, a greater return on investment, satisfied repeat clients, more business and measureable results that matter to your life and business. 

When you want to sleep better, let's chat, call us at 937 985 1501!


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