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Time matters.
Izakar is the help you need, when and how you need it.

We understand the value of time.

Making an impact as a small business, social enterprise or sole proprietorship means making the right decisions and using your resources wisely.  We start our relationship by  listening so we have clarity on your goals and results desired.  Subsequently, we take an intellectually honest look the current situation and present solutions to attain impact quickly.

We understand that entrepreneurs, closely held organizations and enterprises are usually at capacity or have tapped their resources.  Therefore, Izakar has crafted programs to meet your budget and bring expectations to life.  When you need help the most, we figure out how to bring value to the vision and mission. We can show you, work with you or do it for you!

Ways to consider working together


Solo and small businesses may need someone to process ideas and available solutions.  A dedicated industry specialist can help discovery and analysis to keep programs and visions on track.  

Strategic Planning

Growing from small business to enterprise levels requires a different set of skills and strategies.  Our consultant team can help with options, tools and trends insights to help for an agile response to the new normal. 

Media & Communications

Having the right relationships with the right media partners for quality content production,  distribution or broadcast lets small organizations or initiatives have an entire media team on-call or as a strategic partner of record. 

Outsourced Solutions

Some programs are simply projects. By outsourcing projects, entities manage bottom lines with greater predictability with rapid results. This service is perfect for capital planning and introductions to capital resources.