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When wealth meets purpose.

By Miss Dee
Success means different things to different audiences.  A purposeful journey to success with a business or a social enterprise is a dream that makes more than money.  Today's businesses and enterprises have a double bottomline, by making social impact in addition to financial impact.  The body of 'out of the box' evidence suggest that success can be attained by most with proper strategy, innovation, creativity and relationships.  Small local or soloprenuers are making global impact from garages, scientist are teenagers and billionaires aren't even forty and eighty year olds are launching breakthrough products and services.  Let's go to success together now!. 

Finding the path that works.

Organizations today must sell more than products and services.  This generation demands that the company careas about something that resonates with its consumers to solve a problem. Learning how to have an impact with team members and your marketplace has unique challenges with unique rewards.

"Resurrect the Dream 1-Day Workshop

Business Bootcamp 3-Day Training

Solve a problem for good and profit.

Social enterprises have a double bottom line, social and capital.  If either is out of balance the venture may fail.  You can learn to integrate positive capitalistic principles and make money doing it!  Learn to do work that matters, inspires and changes the world while supplying profits to the agents of the solution.

Fund Raise Once Intro Course

Capital Strategies Bootcamp 3 Day Training

Build people build a community.

People matter.  Investments in people yield significant returns in team satisfaction, reduced turn-over and overall engagement in the mission.  Human capital can be measured in productivity and quality, which translated into profits, make all the difference in the world for the world,.

Team member training and development programs

Recruitment and Retention Seminar